The Fox

| Fäks | noun :

Thriving in a multitude of terrains and environments the fox is light on its feet, intelligent, curious, and playful. We embody the fox in our hearts and minds. 

Our Values:


We welcome local community members and organizations to utilize any Barnfox space for meetups and events that are educational, progressive, feature artists, and are connective for all people.


Diversity of every kind. A community agnostic of color, race, age, orientation, or beliefs, . Our goal is to maintain a space that is, above all: dynamic, hospitable, and respectful of one another.


We are thrilled to sell, purchase, supply, and promote the products and services of our local business neighbors, artists, non-profits, and makers within proximity of every Barnfox location.


We are dedicated to operating Barnfox with environmental practices in place from water and electric conservation, recycling, using energy efficient products and sustainability work policies.

Our Story

Barnfox Co-founders, Frederick Pikovsky (left) and Tim Tedesco (right)

In 2017, Frederick Pikovsky and Tim Tedesco connected through a Facebook roommate listing in New York City. Within hours of meeting, the two quickly bonded over a shared passion for wanting to spend more time in the outdoors, building cabins, sitting around campfires — away from the frantic pace of the city.

Frederick was a published travel author and seasoned entrepreneur who had previously launched one of Brooklyn’s first coworking spaces in 2011 (DUMBO Startup Lab). Tim was an experienced builder specializing in furniture design, and construction project management. Naturally, the two imagined building beautiful work and community spaces that would make it possible for more people to have a lifestyle that was balanced in nature, among local makers, small businesses, and communities.

Within a year, the duo put all their savings together to purchase a small property in the Catskills mountains  (located off  Fox Mountain Road). They would create their first concept, a 140 sq. ft. off-the-grid cabin representing the model for bigger vision. Pitching the larger vision to upstate community members, Frederick and Tim eventually earned the support of locals to create  the first Barnfox location in the center of town in Hudson, NY (February 2020). Though the first Barnfox location didn’t resemble a cabin, it did represent the passion for creating a unique and beautifully designed space that would bring local residents and remote workers together in the serenity of the Hudson Valley. A diverse, community-driven environment, led by a passion to work, gather, and play — elsewhere.

The Barnfox concept cabin, 2018 (Livingston Manor, NY).
The Barnfox signature "Hudson Wall" in Hudson, NY (2020).
Barnfox Kingston, 2020 (in-house built sound proof booths)